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Cost and Savings

The "pay-as-you-go" model brings incredible cost-savings opportunities, but has the risk of unexpected monthly bills. We can help you identify wasteful settings and resources, and propose changes to get your costs under control.

Cloud Migration

Migration projects can be daunting. Whether you have a seemingly simple "lift-and-shift" situation, or an existing environment that may require re-architecting, we can help you plan and execute migrations through all steps of the process.

Security Analysis

Most security-related incidents are caused by a lack of understanding of the shared-responsibility model and nuances of different settings. Let our team evaluate your current situation, identify risks, and propose remediations.

Architecture Review

A solid architecture is the best defense against all sorts of problems — including security, cost, performance, reliability, etc. How to achieve that? Experience. We'll be happy to review your architecture and tell you where and how it would break, and what to do to improve it.

DevOps Automation

Continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment, or CI/CD — these paradigms enable incredible efficiency gains for an entire engineering organization. We can help you find the right tools, processes, and methodologies, adapted to your specific situation.

Your custom needs

Your organization may have unique needs. We'll be ecstatic to learn more and help you with any specific Cloud needs you may have.


Bruno Reis

Founder, AWS Expert

Bruno is a former AWS employee with over a decade of experience working actively and directly with dozens of services in a variety of projects.

During his 7 years in AWS, Bruno worked with hundreds of customers, large and small, beginners and experts, engineers and executives, in dozens of industries, in the beginning or very advanced in their Journey to the Cloud.

You may have directly seen him presenting at re:Invent or teaching classes. You might have attended an AWS class that Bruno authored, completely or in part. You may have learned from his answers in StackOverflow.

You can now work directly with Bruno.

The passion for helping customers succeed led Bruno to create He gets the pleasure of working with new challenges, you get the benefit of his expertise.


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